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The Fine Print

Reservations, Breakfasts, Kids and Critters

A few Alma House policies to know about:

  • This property is privately owned. Management reserves the right to refuse services to anyone.

  • We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for the loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.

  • We realize that life and the weather are unpredictable, but we do not assume responsibility for either. Please be sure of your plans before booking. As a small Inn dealing almost exclusively with advance reservations, date changes and cancellations affect us significantly.

  • We ask that you carefully consider our Policy and House Rules before making a reservation. Reservation confirmation indicates an acceptance and agreement to Policies and House Rules.

  • Check-in time is between 3pm and 10pm. Requests for a later arrival must be made in advance by phone call.  If you are arriving by train please let us know so we can make arrangements for you,  if possible, for an early check-in.

  • We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover as forms of payment. A valid credit card is required to secure all room reservations.

  • Check-out time is 11am. Please be mindful of the clock.

  • Plenty of parking is available to our guests on Silverton's public streets. Guests bringing off-road vehicles on trailers are requested to alert us in order to arrange parking to meet the needs of all guests. Guests with unlicensed vehicles are advised to research Colorado law with regard to use of those vehicles within the town limits of Silverton and San Juan County.

  • Stays during events or holidays may require a non-refundable deposit. We will inform you of this requirement at the time you make such a reservation.

  • Room rates are for single or double occupancy and include a full-served breakfast at your party’s own table. Room rates without breakfast are not available. Some rooms can accommodate additional guests for a per-person upcharge. Rates are subject to 12.4% State and Local Sales Tax and a $2.00 Town of Silverton Lodging Fee per night.

  • A full breakfast will be served in the dining room from 7am to 9:30am. Upon Check-in you will be asked to make a reservation time for breakfast. Please do your best to be on time or alert us to a change of plans. Our breakfasts are made to order and served hot. Any food allergies should be addressed prior to making your reservation  .NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A SERIOUS ALLERGY TO NUTS, WHEAT, MILK OR EGGS, WE ARE UNABLE TO SERVE YOU BREAKFAST FROM OUR KITCHEN.   WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALLERGIC REACTIONS IN SUCH A REMOTE LOCATION AS SILVERTON. Please call us directly to assess whether you have a food allergy or a  food sensitivity.  We can accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian diets if given advanced notice.

  • We are pleased to accept well-behaved dogs at the Inn with advance arrangements. You are responsible for any damage caused by your pet. Dogs are not allowed in the dining room during breakfast and may not be locked in your room while you are off premises. Please keep other guests in mind if you have a noisy pet.

  • We are also pleased to accept WELL-BEHAVED children. We expect them to behave as little gentlemen and ladies while inside the Alma House.

  • Screeching, screaming and running down halls is unacceptable.  Manners matter. 

  • The hot tub is available from 9am to 10pm for registered guests only. Hot tub use is not recommended for small children. Children less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and may not use the hot tub after 8;00pm. In order to ensure hot tub cleanliness, smoking and food are not permitted in the hot tub. Drinks are certainly permitted in plastic containers. For safety reasons, glass is not permitted in the hot tub area. We are happy to offer plastic cups for beverages.

  • Limited alcohol consumption is permitted on Inn property.  Drunken behavior, profanity and rudeness are not allowed at the Alma House.

  • We are a non-smoking Inn. No smoking is allowed on the property. Smoking, or evidence of smoking, inside the Inn will result in an immediate request to leave and an additional cleaning fee of $250. The burning of incense or candles is also prohibited under this smoking policy and violations will be handled as described above.

  • Our quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. If you enter the Inn between these hours, please be mindful of other guests that are sleeping.

  • For the safety and consideration of other guests at the Inn and because there are maximum occupancy limits in every room, we must ask that you do not invite others to stay in your room.

  • If you choose to cancel your stay with us, we will be happy to do so without charge provided you understand and comply with the following:

  • Summer Season (May 15 – Oct 15): 7 days notice of change or cancellation

  • Winter Season (Dec 15 – April 15): 24 hours notice of change or cancellation

  • Cancellation outside the times listed above will result in all applicable charges for one nights’ stay being applied for each room reserved on the credit card holding the reservation. If we are able to re-rent the room/rooms for the same rate, only a $25 per room service charge will apply.

  • Call us if you have any questions on our cancellation policy.

  • Early departures are regarded as cancellations.

  • Please note that Silverton is located high in the San Juan Mountains and is only reached by highways that traverse mountain passes. During winter months, portions of these roads infrequently close due to adverse conditions. In the event that both entrances leading into Silverton are closed to traffic by the Colorado Department of Transportation at 6pm on the day of your arrival, we will accept your cancellation with no charges incurred by you. If you cancel due to adverse conditions, we reserve to right to re-book your room/rooms for the duration of your stay.  It is best to keep in touch with us so we can assist you in getting here.

  • Registered guests are responsible for any damages to property incurred during their stay.

  • Our Inn has a modern alarm system for physical hazards and a means of egress on each floor.  Please review these upon checking in.

  • Please call on us for anything that might make your stay more enjoyable. We try our best to accommodate reasonable requests.

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