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We offer signed copies of Wildorado by Albert Heirich here at the Inn and a collection of Cowboy Poetry and Westerns to read while relaxing in Chapman's Parlor or the Tea Parlor.  if you have already purchased a copy from Amazon or your local bookstore, please bring it so it may be personally signed by Albert.

If you find a favorite poem or piece of prose in Wildorado, don't be fearful of asking Albert to read or recite for you at breakfast.  Evening get-togethers for group poetry readings is always encouraged.

Click Here for more information on Wildorado.

"Take a step into the old west with the poetry that makes it come alive! Well written and described with real time glimpses into the personalities and personages of the past. This author often says more by what he doesn't say, than others with their volumes!"

Bob Rundell

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