After a long drive, there are few things as comforting as arriving at your destination knowing you will be greeted with a warm smile, a cozy bed and a night of peaceful rest.

All of our rooms are unique and reflect our commitment to relaxation, comfort and cleanliness.



In the early 1900’s, boarding house breakfasts were basic, filling and hearty. Oatmeal, fried potatoes,  biscuits, fresh jams, sow belly, gallons of coffee and an army of eggs prepared the miners for a long day of drilling and blasting.  For the miner, it was the most important meal of the day. A boarding house with a poor cook did not last long....
The Inn


Silverton, in the late 1800’s, was a prosperous and bustling town with a population close to 2500. Gold and silver fever brought hard rock miners, bankers, immigrants, outlaws and “professional ladies” to the remote mountain town – all with dreams of getting rich. Some did, many did not....

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