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The Historic Alma House Inn is locally owned and operated.

Silverton, in the late 1800’s, was a prosperous and bustling town with a population close to 2500. Gold and silver fever brought hard rock miners, bankers, immigrants, outlaws and “professional ladies” to the remote mountain town – all with dreams of getting rich. Some did, many did not.

     The Panic of 1893 destroyed the mining industry as well as many of the small mining towns scattered throughout the San Juans. Silverton survived and by the turn of the century was growing again. With new workers arriving daily, housing and feeding the new residents was a respectable way to make a decent living. Bridget Hughes recognized this and in 1902 opened the Alma House (originally built in 1898), as a boarding house for miners.

     Her choice of location on the corner of 10th street and the notorious Blair Street was the perfect location. With good cross-traffic to and from the train depot, it was close enough to saloons and gambling halls that an inebriated miner could still make it home; yet its location adjacent to more respectable dwellings maintained its reputation as a “decent house”.

     The exterior is beautiful in its simplicity. The foundation and first floor are constructed of native stone from Cement Creek with the upper floors timber-framed.  The grounds, comprising nearly a full block, have been beautifully landscaped by the new innkeepers with native wildflowers and a lush carpet of grass – perfect for weddings, receptions, and family reunions.

     The interior has been carefully restored to its original glory with polished mahogany, period fixtures, and exquisite antiques throughout. Entering the Alma House is like stepping back in time, only with all the comforts and conveniences of today.

     The Historic Alma House Inn has built its reputation by exceeding our guest's expectations. Unpretentious and unmatched in atmosphere, warmth, and service, you may arrive as our guest but you will leave as part of the family.



​"The Historic Alma house is a fun, relaxing, historic getaway with all the amenities needed for a perfect weekend retreat in a stunning setting of rustic mountains, waterfalls and historic mining relics. Betty and Albert are amazing hosts who were always ready to answer our questions and to help make our stay memorable. Our room was quaint and comfortable; the breakfast hot and delicious! The grounds at Alma House are tranquil and well cared for...soft lights at night and bright flowers during the day. Several outdoor seating areas and a lush grassy lawn provided for a relaxing experience...the gazebo was lovely and the hot tub clean, (actually hot) and perfect after a days hiking. I would highly recommend the Inn of the Rockies at the Historic Alma House and I hope I am able to visit again soon."  

Karen D. - Colorado Springs

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