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Skiing Silverton

Experiencing Silverton Ski Mountain is on every big mountain skiers bucket list.  They know that limits will be tested while they enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery on Planet Earth.  Silverton Ski Mountain is not for everyone.  It is extreme with virtually no amenities.  It is skiing in its purest form.  The Historic Alma House understands that to fully enjoy the Silverton experience, a good nights rest and a hearty breakfast are extremely important.  We offer both. Following a day of skiing the San Juan Mountains, soak in our hot tub with views of Sultan and Turk peaks or relax in one of our parlors with a glass of locally brewed beer and a bowl of hot homemade soup before heading out to dinner.  

Silverton also offers beginner skiing at the municipal Kendall Ski Mountain which is perfect for early childhood training.



  • Silverton is not 13 miles to Telluride as some hotel booking sites proclaim and the road is challenging in the winter.  It is about a 1 1/2 hour drive to Telluride in the winter.

  • Purgatory Ski Resort is just 24 miles from Silverton and the road is less challenging. (It is actually closer to Silverton than it is to Durango)

  • Avoid alcohol when first arriving and drink plenty of water.

  • Silverton, while offering several great brewing companies and dining options that serve alcohol, is not a "party town" like many resorts. You won't find bars open until 2:00 AM, drunks wandering the streets, dance clubs or "pick up" pubs.  If heavy partying is on your travel agenda you may be disappointed.  

  • If bringing your dog, have a plan on who will be taking care of it as you ski.  Dog cannot be left in hotel rooms all day.

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