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Silverton, Colorado

     Silverton has been able to maintain its old west and Victorian charm through both boom and bust since the late 1800’s. Although the hardy and resilient residents are mostly responsible for this, the seclusion and remoteness of the small town has played a significant part.


     Located at 9318 feet above sea level, Silverton is one of the highest towns in the United States and nearly twice as high as Denver, the mile high city. It is not a place you mistakingly wander to; you have to want to get here. As the only incorporated town in sparsely populated San Juan County, Silverton serves as the county seat and activity hub for the area.  With less than 700 full time residents, stay-over visitors often make new local friends quickly and are likely to keep bumping into them at stores, the museum or on the sidewalk.


     Despite its small town appeal, Silverton offers a wealth of activities and delicious dining options to guests and locals alike. We suggest stopping by the Silverton VIsitor Bureau at 414 Greene Street upon arriving into town; or if the drive on the Million Dollar Highway has tuckered you and the family out, just come on to the Inn and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Silverton is rich in western, railroad and mining history and we recommend taking time to visit the San Juan Historical Society Museum early on in your visit to fully absorb all you are about to experience.


     The town of Silverton is like no other and we have no doubt that after spending a few days wandering our National Historic District and meeting the town folk, you will wish your vacation was much longer.

Links to more information on Silverton and the Million Dollar Highway is available at the end of this tour or by clicking here.


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